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May 5. Managing stress, burnout, and self-care in times of Covid-19

#NewNormal, #StayHome, #SocialDistancing - this is our political, social and individual reality for about 2 months. For many of us, it means changes in our work, family life, sometimes it means also anti-democratic developments in our countries. This all takes a toll on our mental health.

The normal levels of stress are overshadowed by big changes: losing employment or contracts, working from home and having kids and homeschooling them. Not to mention being worried about our loved ones' health and our own too. There are endless combinations of sources of stress, especially when the stress prologues, and there is no way to determine when it will end.

The measures from the beginning might not be working anymore. Let's talk about what we can do for ourselves and for people we care about in order to survive these unusual times.

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