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April 23. Distance Education during Lockdowns and Social Distancing

The world is confronted with a major global pandemic, impacting all facets of society from daily conduct and regular life patterns, to organizational behaviors and institutional practices. One aspect of daily life that has been dramatically altered is the traditional education sector, as COVID-19 has forced schools and universities to close, sending students and faculty alike home for the remainder of the school year and moving lessons to non-traditional, virtual platforms. This transformation of the traditional, in-person education system to online educational platforms has occurred on an accelerated timetable due to the novel Coronavirus pandemic, causing disruptions but also creating opportunities for innovation. This webinar will focus on both the challenges to education and educators, during this crisis and the creative solutions, during this period.

Speakers from across the world provided a global perspective to identify relevant ways to address the new educational paradigm, with hopes that some of the solutions will be transformational enough to continue even beyond the impact of COVID-19. Experts explored examples and case studies from various countries, in the developing world, noticeable trends in the field, and issues and concerns that have developed as a result of the transformation in the education sector.

Watch the webinar on demand:

Associate Professor Nikos Panagiotou │Aristotle University, Journalism/Mass Communication│Thessaloniki, Greece. 

Sherri Culver, │ Associate Professor │ Director of the Center for Media and Information Literacy │ Temple University, USA
Salman Ahmad Lecturer, University of Derby Online Learning UK
Asma Ijaz Cheema │ Additional Deputy Commissioner │ Faisalabad, PakistanSaurav Dhakal │Co-founder, Story Cycle │ Kathmandu, Nepal

This event is co-organized by Digital Communication Network SouthEast Europe Hub (DCN SEE) and World Learning and is part of DCNSEE’s Ideas in Action – Digital Engagement, a series of virtual events launched in the context of the COVID-19 crisis. DCNSEE is supported by the U.S. Department of State’s Office of Citizen Exchanges. The series aims to engage digital communities globally, to promote accurate information, combat distortions, encourage responsible behavior, and discourage panic, support mitigation of a global pandemic, and avoid major societal disruptions. 

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