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Ideas In Action – Digital Engagement Series: Fake News and Disinformation during Public Health Crises: A Coronavirus Case Study

Digital Communication Network SouthEast Europe Hub launches a new Digital Engagement Series as a reaction of the COVID-19 Crisis.

The Digital Engagement Series will consist of digital roundtable panels, interactive webinars, lectures, and podcasts from well-known speakers and established Organisations.

We aim to engage digital communities, globally, to promote accurate information, combat distortions, handling a crisis, encourage responsible behavior, and discourage panic, support mitigation of a global pandemic and major societal disruption.

The Digital Engagement Series is part of the Hub strategy in order to build a Community of Action, but also as a response to major challenges that our world faces. The first webinars/roundtable will deal with a critical issue that of Fake News, Disinformation that aims to exploit public health crises. In the webinar, various tactics, experiences, and responses from different countries will be presented.

1ST WEEK March 31, 2020  
“Fake news and disinformation during public health crises 
- Coronavirus case study.”

The world is confronted with a destructive pandemic and valuable, science-based information is more important than ever. Competing for audiences’ attention worldwide are dangerous disinformation campaigns, fake news, and conspiracy theories. Speakers will explore examples from different countries, noticeable trends and methods to combat disinformation, develop alternative narratives, and encourage a fact-based information flow.

Moderator: Professor Nikos Panagiotou, Digital Communication Network SouthEast Europe Hub, Greece 

Professor Thomas Miller, George Washington University, U.S. 
Bethany Allen-Ebrahimian, Reporter covering China, Axios, U.S. 
Joan Mower, Head of Development & International Media,U.S.Agency for Global  Media,U.S.  
Thanos Sitistas, Journalist/Researcher, Ellinika Hoaxes, Greece 
Anna Pellegatta, Associate Director, Atlantic Council: Digital Forensic Lab, Belgium 
Lukas Andriukaitis, Associate Director, Atlantic Council: Digital Forensic Lab, Belgium 
Franak Viacorka, Digital Communication Network,  Belarus

You can watch the roundtable on Youtube:

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