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May 12. Humor in the time of Coronavirus

What can be funny about a global pandemic that has taken and changed the lives of millions, generating anxiety and fear? This is a simple and legitimate question. But throughout history, in times of crisis, when people are frightened, they’ve turned to humor

Laughter brings people together. While we are distancing physically, we are still trying to stay in touch socially, and humor lives up to its name as the best medicine. Since the pandemic took hold, the internet sees a new form of contagion: coronavirus-centric joke memes, Twitter humor, and self-produced comedy, shot with smartphones on YouTube or TikTok by professional or wannabe comedians. But who, or what, is an appropriate target for satire during a pandemic? What is it about tragedy that can be funny and almost prophylactic? What do comedians see in human behavior, when confronted with a mortal threat, that inspire laughter? All these are questions our international panel will tried to address. Join us for an abbreviated and virtual edition of: Humor and Games for Social Good  (DCN's and World Learning event in Armenia, last year, when life, as we know it, was still around). 

Farai Monro │Host, Magamba TV│ Zimbabwe
Narek Margaryan │Host, Armcomedy│ Armenia
Omri Marcus │Head of Screenz Originals│ Israel
Rob Kutner │Writer,”The Daily Show with Jon Stewart”, “CONAN”, Netflix, SyFy, Warner Brothers│ USA
Franak Viacorka | Digital Communication Network | Belarus 

This event is co-organized by the Digital Communication Network SouthEast Europe Hub (DCN SEE) and World Learning and is part of DCNSEE’s Ideas in Action – Digital Engagement, a series of virtual events launched in the context of the COVID-19 crisis. The series aims to engage digital communities globally, to promote accurate information, combat distortions, encourage responsible behavior, and discourage panic, support mitigation of a global pandemic, and avoid major societal disruptions. DCNSEE is supported by the U.S. Department of State Office of Citizen Exchanges.

DCN SOUTHEAST EUROPE HUB is a consortium of Aristotle University, Digital Communication Network, non-profits, public and private organizations and companies involved in the fields of digital communication, social impact campaigns, technology, and innovation. It is a unique, interdisciplinary coalition tapping into the best talent and resources across Europe.

The webinar is produced by Digital Communication Network, a diverse professional coalition in the digital space.