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June 11. Women in sports, as players, coaches, leaders

Sport is a platform that both reinforces and challenges gender stereotypes and it is often seen to privilege men over women. While women have made notable progress in leadership in business and civil society, not enough has changed in the sport industry with still far fewer women than men in senior decision-making positions in sports management. To learn more about relevant experiences, the webinar will explore the perceptions of successful female sport leaders, specifically how they perceive the set of skills that helped them attain and maintain success.

Another challenge, that will be addressed is the one facing women becoming increasingly active in sports that have been labeled as better suited for men, for example football (soccer). Surveys show that a professional football career for women is hard to sustain in the face of low pay, a lack of contractual support, and commitments away from the pitch. Football is one of the most popular female sports, with about 30 million girls and women playing it worldwide but around the world, girls and women face unique challenges to participating in the sport. Those challenges are personal, practical, economic, political, and ultimately, cultural. What can be done, as communities, to change that culture and practices, in football and also in other sports, will also be addressed during the webinar.

Brandi Chastain │2 time FIFA Women’s World Cup champion, 2time Olympic gold medalist│ US

Andrea Montalbano │Author of the Soccer Sisters, former player at Harvard University│ US

Dalal Alrowaished │Physiotherapist, Kuwait Women Football National Team│ Kuwait

Noor Dajani │CrossFit Trainer │ Jordan

Maria Suchkova │Head of Women Football Department, Russian Football Union, UEFA Grow Mentor │Russia

Cynthia Mumbo │Founder & CEO, Sports Connect Africa │Kenya

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This webinar is part of World Learning’s International Sports Programming Initiative for Middle East, North Africa, and Sub-Saharan Africa Program (ISPI) —Virtual Together program, a series of virtual events, launched in the context of the COVID-19 crisis. ISPI is a program of U.S. Department of State's Sports Diplomacy division. The series aims to engage the sports community globally, to creatively problem solve, share digital tools and work together, follow health guidance, and continue to promote active, healthy lifestyles both physically and mentally throughout this crisis. Additional modules related to these objectives are being developed and will be announced.

The webinar is produced by Digital Communication Network, a diverse professional coalition in the digital space.