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September 16. Impact of COVID‐19 on the Environment and Climate Change

The world is confronted with a major global pandemic, impacting all facets of society and the economy. This webinar will evaluate how global pandemic is impacting environmental health and climate change. As communities around the world continue to navigate through the global pandemic, human behavioral changes due to continued shelter‐in‐place orders as well as social distancing restrictions are altering the human impact on the environment.

Speakers from across the world will discuss the short-and long‐term implications of COVID‐19, specifically how the pandemic is affecting renewables, air pollution, emission trends, and more.
The webinar will include a practical assessment of our current ability to combat climate change and discuss how the pandemic has shifted the momentum of climate change altogether. A Q&A portion will follow and give the audience an opportunity to engage.

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  • Christopher Knittel│ George P. Shultz Professor of Applied Economics at MIT│ Director of MIT’s Center for Energy and Environmental Policy Research│ USA

  • Anam Zeb│ Climate Change Expert│ Climate Action Pakistan│ Islamabad, Pakistan

  • Rassu Manandhar│ Environmentalist│ Professional Fellow│ Kathmandu, Nepal
     U.S. State Department Fellows’ Exchange Alumnus, Spring 2019

This event is co‐organized by Digital Communication Network SouthEast Europe Hub (DCN SEE) and World Learning and is part of DCNSEE’s Ideas in Action – Digital Engagement, a series of virtual events launched in the context of the COVID‐19 crisis. DCNSEE is supported by the U.S. Department of State’s Office of Citizen Exchanges. This global event was designed and arranged with support from the South‐Central Asia Alumni Network of the State Department exchange program Professional Fellows, implemented by World Learning.

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