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Education Through Sports

Apart from being a source of entertainment and physical fitness, sports are a powerful social and educational tool. While it can help young people develop healthy lifestyles it can also teach valuable life skills and help personal development processes.

This is especially true for young people with fewer opportunities. Sports methods can help youth to develop a wide range of social skills and become truly fit for life. Participation in sports improves educational attainment and skills development including empowerment, leadership, and self-esteem. Sports activities play a vital role in promoting social integration, particularly among young people. 

Using sports as an educational tool is now a science only few truly master. There are techniques to maximize the power of sports for youth development but those are insufficiently known, applied and shared by coaches and educators, entrusted to translate the language of sports into the language of life. Our global panel has a wealth of experience in sports for education and a passion for sharing that knowledge. This webinar is not about teaching sports but rather teaching through sports.

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