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Fake news Hunters Part 1

An innovative report from DCN SEE HUB, Forum Apulum and Peace Journalism Lab, Aristotle Unviersity of Thessaloniki. The study examines disinformation, about Covid19, spread in social media. It is only the first part of a longer collaboration meant to monitor, analyze and compare the disinformation narratives used in Romania and Greece.

The team work was done by Nikos Panagiotou - PJL, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (GR), Diana Filimon, Erasmia Tsipou (GR), Ciprian Cucu - Forum Apulum, Alba Iulia (RO), Vlad Birău (RO), Alexandru Corpade (RO), Ana David (RO), Giannis Delimaris (GR), Ioanna Georgia Eskiadi (GR), Adrian Man (RO).

The aim of the report is to analyze narratives of the most "popular" disinformation stories, circulated in social media (Facebook), in both countries. The selection was made on the following criteria: number of reposts, likes and shares as well as comments. In addition, profiles of the accounts that circulate such stories have been analyzed. The results presented are part of a prototype effort, in order to track down and analyze disinformation in social media. The effort will be expanded to include other countries as well with the aim to analyze the structure of disinformation, the main narratives used, leading to an assessment of the overall phenomenon.

The final report