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THISAM Talks | Practicing Peace Journalism through Photojournalism

A workshop by Paul Lowe, Ziyah Gafic, Nicole Tung, ACACEMY VII

Key points by Ioanna Georgia Eskiadi 

Peace journalism is a field that can be highlighted and is connected with photojournalism. Before 2000, the photojournalistic world worked differently because of the thousands of agencies all over the world. People have a misconception about what peace is. Photojournalism is not only about picture things but also about connotation.

The context of the photo refers on giving information. Aesthetics are a combination of so many things but becomes a second nature. Context comprises so many elements. The main one is the connection with the picture and the feelings that provokes you. A good photo story has to have meant and purpose. It’s important to be purposeful about the images that you make, to be mindful about the subject of your photo and have a critical eye.

Being patient is also part of creating layers when creating a photograph. It’s important to be conscious since a lot of the times the photo story will come together when you are editing, it’s a long-term process. When making the photo story, think about the concept and the depth of the story. It’s about trying to find other angles to the main events. In peace journalism and photojournalism its needed to learn well the culture of where you are going.

Photography is a moment in time so some context is always there and  some is missing. Photography is not good at explaining but if used in a certain way, it has a power to move.

Sometimes there is not as much violence as the photos suggest. It’s important to first try to work in your country because you understand better. Learn what is culturally appropriate, build a relationship, give time and listen since everybody wants to be heard, so they will possibly open up. The photograph will have more meaning this way, you can make it more meaningful and purposeful. 

The 5th Thessaloniki International Summer Academy on Media is organized by School of Journalism and Mass Communications of Aristotle University Thessaloniki (AUTh), Jean Monet of European Union Public Diplomacy along with other partners  under the title: “New trends in Media and Journalism: Turning crisis into opportunity”.

 Special emphasis is given on the topics:
1. Disinformation, Science Journalism / News Literacy
2. Crisis Communication
3. New business models in Media Organisations