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THISAM Talks: Sustainable innovative journalism and new business models

Renate Schroeder, Director of the European Federation of Journalists talked about Sustainable innovative journalism and new business models. 

Key points by Ioanna Georgia Eskiadi 

In 2019 many politicians realized the need of trust in news. In 2021, the situation in media and journalism dramatically changed. Censorship coming from the government increased. This was an impact of Covid-19 which underlined the media urgency. The pandemic has polarized more societies. Freedom of expression, media freedom and other freedoms are in danger. Rights of journalists are in danger. Online harassment increased for journalists reporting on public measures. The pandemic increased the murders of journalists. There is a great need to support journalists and especially the new ideas and the new ways to wider audiences. The last year has increased the public and non-profit funding for independent journalism. Media should focus on subscriptions, including social funding. It’s interesting to invest to it due to the long-term sustainability provided.

Across the countries is reported a lack of support and funding due to the taxation. So, media need to find new ways and re-imagine journalism. Crowdfunded journalism is another option as well as multi-media stories. We should consider on which level the audience trusts the journalism. Especially, ask the readers about media. Young professionals, local media and projects of cross-border investigating journalism need to be supported. Media started becoming a little bit slower again on finding new ways.

The 5th Thessaloniki International Summer Academy on Media is organized by School of Journalism and Mass Communications of Aristotle University Thessaloniki (AUTh), Jean Monet of European Union Public Diplomacy along with other partners  under the title: “New trends in Media and Journalism: Turning crisis into opportunity”.

 Special emphasis is given on the topics:
1. Disinformation, Science Journalism / News Literacy
2. Crisis Communication
3. New business models in Media Organisations