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THISAM Talks | "Semantics-Semiotics and the Art of Longform literary Reporting"

Dr. Dimitrios Bouras, Anthropologist photographer and documentarian and Louisa Gouliamaki, Photojournalist talked about "Semantics-Semiotics and the Art of Longform literary Reporting".

Key points by Ioanna Georgia Eskiadi 

Photography cares the emotions and the feelings, especially when we were in the time of the happening. We live in a time where great energies are being devoted to the falsification of history, to flatter, to deceive or to serve some sectional purposes. No good can come from such disasters like humanitarian crisis or wars.

There’s nothing heroic about wars, nothing romantic, wars simply are instant. Today journalist responsibilities are to make the invisible visible in a clear manner. When reporting for war, we need to filter our work. Some times it’s better to reframe it in order to protect your own integrity which is no negotiable. What matters in a war are not the flashy images but the underlining issues and this is why we have to focus on history and memory. The combination of history and knowledge led us to the media terrain. People are as curious as they ever been with new communication technologies.

Nowadays we receive so many images in real time. These images are spread through social media and the people making them are still living in the “Infodemic Era”. Images are effective. Some of them are unchecked from mobile phones. So, we are all photographers. Journalism and photojournalism are in transition as a profession and remains an unorthodox career for most. It’s harder than ever financially being a journalist. Journalism financially is in a state of chaos due to the collapse of the advertising model, the death of the editor and that we, the audience, define the where and when on demand. Journalism entered the era of convergence journalism characterized by the use of multiple platforms.

Readers are still there; they are also bright readers who ask for simplicity without simplification. They want to understand, not simply to know. Success is measured by our ability to balance the preserve journalism while generating revenues. We must be news mavericks that respond instantly to any crisis. The photograph is a kind of sign that is at same time an iconical, an indexical and a pictorial sign. Pictorial semiotics are a tool for opening new horizons in the process of understanding in depth the topic we are dealing with. Finding a topic within a topic and when editing chasing a system. Finally, melancholy is a form of resistance. And this is emphatically so on the level of art, where its function is far from merely reactive or reactionary. 

The 5th Thessaloniki International Summer Academy on Media is organized by School of Journalism and Mass Communications of Aristotle University Thessaloniki (AUTh), Jean Monet of European Union Public Diplomacy along with other partners  under the title: “New trends in Media and Journalism: Turning crisis into opportunity”.

 Special emphasis is given on the topics:
1. Disinformation, Science Journalism / News Literacy
2. Crisis Communication
3. New business models in Media Organisations