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THISAM Talks | The transformation of the News Manager in Project Manager in the Digital Era: The complexity and the skills

Andreas Panagopoulos, News Manager and News’ New Business Development Manager at Alter Ego Media Group talked about "The transformation of the News Manager in Project Manager in the Digital Era: The complexity and the skills". 

Key points by Ioanna Georgia Eskiadi 

The role of news manager in media agencies has changed due to digitalization. Especially, news manager is transitioning to project manager. Media organizations need extra specialists since the environment is fast changing. It’s important for a news manager to build a project, to put it out, to evaluate the performance and report to the newsroom how to enhance it. Each reusable design is collected in a written style-guide with a set of guidelines.

News manager role is about coordinating multi-skilled people in order to produce multi-media content which is interdisciplinary. News manager organizes the coverage of small/big events and projects that start from scratch. The first step is the description/documentation. When you want to cover a story, you need to manage a lot of complex issues. You have to cover your basic needs and explain a lot of things. You first learn the bureaucracy and the procedures of the organization, power fames, work flow, key persons and their roles in the organization, possible other projects and then you will win. The second step is the self-evaluation. The third step refers to managing your time, your appointments and making a routine.

Then you have to notice that you might be yourself, the director of the project, so you become the project manager. Another step is to be honest will all the involving parts. When you want to hire people talk to the candidates, learn from them, their needs, their wants and choose the best for each position. Next step refers to broaden your knowledge, learn new skills, speak the same language and sit next to every stakeholder and discuss. Finally, the last step is the launch, especially never on Friday. 

The 5th Thessaloniki International Summer Academy on Media is organized by School of Journalism and Mass Communications of Aristotle University Thessaloniki (AUTh), Jean Monet of European Union Public Diplomacy along with other partners  under the title: “New trends in Media and Journalism: Turning crisis into opportunity”.

 Special emphasis is given on the topics:
1. Disinformation, Science Journalism / News Literacy
2. Crisis Communication
3. New business models in Media Organisations