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April 30. How Games can help in a time of social isolation

During COVID-19, many people stay home, and obviously, play more games. As one of the webinar experts, Agnieszka Mulak said, gamers were the most prepared type of people for self-isolation.

This virtual event discussed what has changed in the gaming industry during the cancellation of major events? Do people play different games? We talked about the social and cultural aspects of computer games, facts, and tips about global games.

The webinar hosts, who are games, developers, researchers, but also active practicing players, provided recommendations on navigating games during the pandemic.

Watch the webinar on demand:

The meeting is organized by the Digital Communication Network, DCN Poland, DCN SEE Hub, and World Learning.

DCNSEE is supported by the U.S. Department of State’s Office of Citizen Exchanges. The series of virtual events aim to engage digital communities globally, to promote accurate information, combat distortions, encourage responsible behavior, and discourage panic, support mitigation of a global pandemic, and avoid major societal disruptions.

DCN SOUTHEAST EUROPE HUB is a consortium of Aristotle University, Digital Communication Network, non-profits, public and private organizations and companies involved in the fields of digital communication, social impact campaigns, technology, and innovation. It is a unique, interdisciplinary coalition tapping into the best talent and resources across Europe.

WORLD LEARNING is an international nonprofit organization that focuses on international development, education, and exchange programs. Based in Brattleboro, Vermont, World Learning unlocks the potential of people to address critical global issues through its five core program areas: The Experiment in International Living, SIT Study Abroad, the SIT Graduate Institute, and International Development and Exchange Programs.