May 18 - 19, 2020 │ Thessaloniki, Greece
The Emerging Digital Technologies with Social Impact Forum is a two-day event bringing together representatives of civic organizations, politics, entrepreneurships, as well as content creators, designers, and developers to explore how digital technologies change our everyday lives and transform social information and action spaces.
Digital technologies are particularly well-suited to reshape civic action within the information space by mobilizing large communities, sharing resources, and impacting decisions. The goal of this event is to discuss key digital technologies reshaping the way information is generated, distributed, and processed leading to social impact.

Understanding technology and applying it to our day-to-day lives requires specialized storytelling tools to improve accessibility and impact. New technology grounded in the digital revolution can initially sound intimidating or unrelatable to the regular user. In many instances, we learn about new trends while defending ourselves against their misuse. Bad societal actors are becoming more adept at using technology to create division and promote intolerance. To counteract this, the Digital Communication Network believes in creating a coalition of influencers representing a vast array of professional fields to help navigate technological transformations and promote social good.

Please recommend potential speakers for our forum!

In particular, we are looking for speakers who focus on: Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Internet of Everything, Machine Learning, Big Data, 5G, Blockchain, Data Governance, Internet Security and Encryption.

This forum can provide international economy class flights, airport transfers in Greece, and meals and hotel arrangements for the duration of the event. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer a speaking fee. If a visa is required, we can assist in writing an invitation letter, but procuring and financing the visa is the responsibility of the traveler.

This forum will be held in English.

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